A Spoonful of Sugar

Bret asked, “What would you like to have for Mother’s Day?” In that instance,白沙海鲜’s stir-fry lala surfaced in my mind. So in the evening, we went to the unexpected jam-packed Changi Village to have my lala. Slurp!

After dinner, we strolled along the “Brand New” Happening Changi Village. There was a Live Band just next to the Food Centre! Also, plenty of new cafes popped up so Bret and I decided to see-see look-look.

Had wanted to try Bunny & Pony but indoor was packed & Bret cannot comprehend the idea of having smoking tables at outdoor area. Certainly, no-no for kids so we walked back & found a lovely cafe, A Spoonful of Sugar.


Sincere customer service & thumbs up for the decor from ceiling to walls.


After ordering our desired ice cream flavour, Leia called out, “I want to sit next to the rainbow!” I was like “What rainbow?”


Leia requested Strawberry Sundae & Bret preferred hers to my scoop of Butterscotch. He had a hard time getting her to share. I managed to capture their expressions when Bret took a spoonful of strawberry sundae from her cup. Leia declared, “Papa, No sharing.”


My take on the ice cream, creamy texture and not too sweet. Flavour wise, it was alright. Being a gelato fan, 320 Below is still my favourite place for ice cream.

Of late, its becoming a routine for us to have ice cream after dinner. Happiness over calories.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Blk 4 Changi Village Road
#01-2072 Singapore
Tel: 6542 4244
Closed on Monday

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