Windowsill Pie on Saturday Afternoon

Weekend afternoon, our little family went to Windowsill Pies Cafe. We were seated next to the bear. Leia went upclose to study the bigger-than-her teddy bear.


Then I let Leia take pictures.


This shot above by our 4 yr old was pretty impressive. My favourite of all. She was having a good time taking pictures while Bret order some pies & coffee.

Here comes our Grasshopper & Strawberry Lemon Tart.


I would say we had before us a combination of art and food.


Bret & Leia are into chocolate while I favoured sour & sweet. Moment of father & daughter…


Daughter & me…


Bret thought it was quite an ideal thing to do on weekend afternoon at cafe.

Trying out pies, listening to songs played by cafe, watching the kind of people coming into the cafe on a saturday afternoon.. and most importantly, having our little girl with us.

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