Swimming Lesson with Coach B

On Labour Day, Leia had her first 30 mins swimming lesson. It was really convenient as venue was at our pool. However, Coach B mentioned our free form pool is not suitable for teaching. She prefers lap pool.

Coach B assessed Leia by letting go of her hands & observed how the little girl struggled in the pool. Her review was Leia needs attention & hence, small group swimming lesson is reccomended.


My girl can get really high in the pool. It was a challenge getting her to be serious in learning the life skill. I wondered if she is ready to learn from a swimming coach.

The next day, Bret and I bought some swimming gears for Leia to build her water confidence.


Initially, Leia displayed great resistance in going under water but with googles, she was willing to. Along with Bret, we practised blowing bubbles & waving to each other under water.

Fun learning and bonding time.

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