Crystal Jade Korean with Cousin Evan

Cousin Evan and I met again. This time we had few hours of quality time together. I remember she told me she likes bbq so I thought of bringing her to Crystal Jade Korean BBQ at Takashimaya.


The ginseng chicken soup is the reason I come back. We requested for the kitchen to cook short ribs for us instead of grilling on our own. In that way, we can focus on the lost time.

Hours of laughter and heartfelt thoughts. Sharing about our life as mothers & wives.

Love our spread, Love our conversation.

Beauty Loots – May 2015

Been a while since I blog, I have been heavily occupied with work and meet ups with friends. Overworked. At home, Bret regularly spoon fed me off-the-shelves cough syrups. Hope to heal my throat and regain my original voice soon.

So in this entry, I want to share some of my new beauty buys this month.

1. Too Faced Melted Fuchsia


Picture from The Happy Sloths

S$30 from Sephora. By far, the most long-wearing lip colour. Love the moisture level and by controlling the swatch on my lips, I can get many textures & shades in this gorgeous tube. Glossy, Matte, Creamy, Stained.. and different shades of red to fuchsia. “A little goes a long way”

I planned to get “Melon”.

2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging 


Picture from

Long time ago, Best Friend B was promoting the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. I didn’t find it necessary until I exerienced it myself. With tinest dab, the primer settled comfortably on my eyelids for easier, beautiful eye shadow blending. Terrific result.

One of the ultimate idea from this potion, there is anti-aging skincare benefits. The active ingredients contained in the Primer Potion Anti-Aging are the Dermaxyl , which helps prevent the formation of wrinkles andKalpariane that restores volume and tightens the skin.

3. L’genere Egg CC Cushion


Picture source from Tramy

Previously I was using Laneige BB Cushion. Adored the dewy effect however, the cushion compact got pretty messy and finishes quickly too. So I went online to search for something new. L’egere CC Cushion was highly reccomended by this popular Taiwanese Beauty Show, <我的閨房秘蜜>. This video demo won me over and I was so excited to grab it from the store. Besides coverage with awesome skincare benefits, there is instant face lifting too.

L’egere Egg CC Cushion is cheaper than Laneige’s. Lately, friends around me have been asking, “What kind of make up are you using?” I supposed Egg CC Cushion is working well on me.

4. Loreal False Lash Miss Manga


Picture source from Rochelle Rivera (Do check out her review!)

Current best friend for my eyelash. If your lashes are straight and downwards like me, you will need a curved brush. This mascara delivers lightweight, clumpless and dolly lash effect. I’m loving this very much!

Above are pretty much my daily essentials these days. I enjoy buying make ups more than dresses or bags … and I have to remind myself not to turn into a make-up junkie.

Percy & Reeds No Oil Oil

Ever since I posted my recent pictures with Leia on facebook, few friends asked me which hair salon do I go to.

Hmm …was there an emphasis on my hair?


I do have a hair spa package with Jean Yip but I hardly have the time to go for the 2 hours treatment. I probably visit my stylist once in 2-3 months.


Constant hair colouring & weekly swim with Leia have damaged my hair. I had to find a solution so I picked up a hair product from Sephora. Little did I know, Percy & Reeds No Oil Oil for Thick Hair is the perfect solution.

Everytime I apply the serum, my mood gets lifted up because of the fragrance & smooth, sealed sensational hair.

Happy 🙂

Cousin Evan is Back

When I was a kid, I hang out closely with cousin Evangeline. Lots of sleepovers at her place and she would bring me around like an elder sis figure.

Entering work force, we were busy with our social circle. We still meet on family occassion. Years ago, my beautiful cousin found her prince charming and relocated to Switzerland. She still returns and her daughters are divine beauties.

Last week, we attended Cousin J’s wedding.


A snapshot of us for memory.

She is a devoted wife and mother to her wonderful family. Lots to learn from her.

Charcoal Thai with E

Met up with lovely Sbff for Buffet again. This time, we went Charcoal Thai at Vivo. Restaurant is remotely located within the shopping mall. Price seemed friendly and variety of food was reasonable.

Buffet Buddies we are indeed, our first time having Steamboat-and-Mookata buffet for two.

Picture from Charcoal Thai

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.05.09 pm

Quality of meat was normal and I could relate to the buffet price. I appreciate that there are cooked food, ice cream and even D-I-Y Rojak station. One of my favourites, the condiments for sauce. There is balachan 🙂 Spotted a giantic cup for their soda. Interesting and certainly a fun place for friends and gatherings.

During dinner time, the restaurant was packed and I was shocked to find empty trays for beef and cooked chicken wings. Probably shorthanded situation, took a while for the staffs to realise otherwise, the service is acceptably good.

Would I go back again? Sure

Charcoal Thai

No 1 HarbourFront Walk, #03-07 (Beside Daiso),

VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Tel: 6222 3880

Nearest MRT: NE1 HarbourFront MRT

Saturday Shopping

Bret drove us to Plaza Singapura for lunch & shopping. To my typical husband, window shopping is out of the question as he is only keen in accomplishing his objective.

Today was special. He was less persistent about returning home after we cleared our buying list. Happy me.


When Bret told me his legs were tired, I initated a coffee break. Instead of Starbucks, he was more interested in ice cream, Marble Slab Creamery !


We had Rocher & Strawberry. Ice cream was so-so, waffle was kinda stiff and ordinary.


In this trip, all three of us bought something home and we managed to enjoy some savings from John Little sales.

Will share my loot in coming post.