Homemade Chocolate Souffle for Dessert

Last week after spagetti, I attempted the french dessert. Pretty simple and fun process. Leia was involved in the brimming the rameskins with sugar and butter. I caught her licking the sugar so I had to shoo her off. Gotta prepare the chocolate mixture at the stove. As I poured the ready mixture into the rameskin, I hoped for a rise in the air fryer.

Didn’t get to take photos so pictures sourced from a blogger, eating out loud.


Out from the air fryer, I spotted a gorgeous rise! However like eating out loud, my souffle deflated before I could even snap a pic.


I dust the chocolate souffle with icing sugar before serving to my dearest hubby and daughter. It was our first time having souffle and they seemed to enjoy the dessert not knowing whats the original taste. The recipe I followed was Beth’s Foolproof Chocolate Souffle.

Shall try another recipe next time. Never-say-die attitude!

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