Saturday at Malls

On Saturday we went family-friendly shopping malls. Sushi Tei for lunch and Toy R Us, Leia was on cloud 9 at Vivocity. I got her Disney Princess Puzzle sets and a cupcake surprise doll. Puzzles are great family bonding activities, glad to get them at terrific price. 6 boxes at only $11.

Then we moved onto Plaza Singapura. Managed to park at a family lot. My main agenda was to get my Samsung mobile phone fixed. Have been using Best friend’s B spare phone for daily use. After I sent in my hp for repair, it was time for shoes… at Jelly Bunny. That … was my hidden agenda…


My little girl has acquired interest in good-looking shoes. Like a shoe-fanatic, she picked a shoe and placed it on the floor to try on. As she tried, she went, “mummy is it nice?” Leia has grown up to be a fun shopping companion.


It was a challenge finding the right shoe size for her so we only walked out with a pair of carol plain shoes for myself.


Simple wear for work. I love shiny looking shoes and rubber materials last better for me.

Returned home, we booked the ktv room for some vocal time. Leia fixed the new puzzles as Bret and I sang songs. She requested to sing children songs with her sweet voice. We noticed she is able to catch the tune well.

Have been a fun night for us.

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