New Asia Bar with Jacky

Friday afternoon Bret and I met up with Jacky. Our plan was to chill out and we let his friend make the decision. Came to an agreement, we were on the way to New Asia Bar, Swissotel Hotel.

Early bird view… at level 70.


Spacious and love the high ceilings.


We started off with something light. I had Gin tea Cocktail while the guys had beer. For 2nd round, we decided to try an award winning Japanese whisky.


First sip, I didn’t appreciate the taste. Kinda strong for me but… the taste just get better and better. So much so that I fell in love with whisky. We had two mixer, soda & coke. I like the latter.

Here is an evening view.


Would have been perfect if Teresa was with us. Jacky was praising his wife and he believes in expressing appreciation to his partner. Great companion šŸ™‚

Will be back.

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