5th Wedding Anniversary at Basilico

Basilico, the italian restaurant. I had heard raves of the restaurant for its quality and fine dining ambience. Highly reccomended for dinner date .. so Bret reserved a table for two to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary at the hotel, where we held our wedding banquet.


We were ushered to our table. From the menu, we opt for the main course with semi-buffet for appetiser and desserts.


I didn’t quite like the initmate distance between tables of two. Easily, we could hear the conversation of another couple seated next to us. Hence, wasn’t a comfortable place for me to hold a conversation with my husband especially when we can get really talkative.

Although the selection of food is limited, every piece is delicate. Bret kept going for the bread. I indulged in the cheese section. After main course, I smiled my way to the dessert galore. All in all, I had quite a filling dinner.

Will I return to Basilico? I am not sure but it is certainly a wonderful feeling to return to Regent Hotel.

Bret and I are in our fifth year in marriage. Daily bickers over meaningless nitty gritty, calling each other names and then by night we forget. Time bond us, we are so used to having each other around. We still do what we do during courtship. These days, we adore family date night better. Teaming up together to discipline our mischievious girl, watching her growing up writing reading and many plenty more.

He likes to scare his bachelor friends, “When you are married, your life is no longer yours.” Yet at home, he prefers that I stay around within his radius.”

Two love, Two lives ..One dream ..Forever.

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