Cold & Coughs

Had a medicated-drowsy weekend. Still having a bit of flu but experiencing some random coughs.

This morning Bret did not wake me up to prepare little girl for school. Thankful, mil was home to help Leia get ready in her uniforms. At one point, I felt motion beside me and had a glimpse of my daughter who was already clad in her uniform resting on my side. Back to sleep mode.

Not long after, Leia looking fresh asked me where is her chinese story book. She wants to bring to school and have Gao Wei Lao Shi read to her. With a weak voice, I told her to go to school without the book. Next, Bret came to my side and gave me a peck on my cheek before he left for work. I continued to sleep.

9am my biology clock decided it is time to start my day. Having quality sleep, I was freed from heavy spinning head. Sent a thank you message to Bret.

Today I am going to prepare homemade lunch with Best Friend B.

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