Library with Leia

One of our favourite family hideout is at the library. Leia picked up the basket available at the entrance of children’s corner & began hunting for books that attract her attention.

I love being surrounded by books. Every book transport us into new world. Leia has an upcoming excursion to Sea Aquarium with her friends. So I thought of borrowing some books about fishes.

As I read to Leia about sharks, Bret listened and we all gained new knowledge together. Few rounds at the library, Leia filled up the basket with lots of books. I would screen & select the titles for borrowing.

She is always excited about this part where we scanned the books. We brought home 8 books.

Happy us.

Ippudo at Shaw Centre

On Monday Bret was on leave so we went Ippudo, Shaw Centre. Months ago, a friend freaked out, “What? You haven’t tried Ippudo??” With that, I knew I had to check out the popular ramen.


I ordered Tan Tan Tonkotsu exclusive to the outlet. Comes with a lemon for some zest in the spicy broth.


Lemon & Really-Spicy Ramen were new to me but…. I concluded the pork bone soup based works better on my tastebuds. The onsen egg cost $3… and I thought it was normal for me.

Through in all, I will give Ippudo another try next time.

IPPUDO SG @ Shaw Centre

1 Scotts Road, #04-22/23 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208

Tel: +65 6235 2547

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm

Homemade Chocolate Souffle for Dessert

Last week after spagetti, I attempted the french dessert. Pretty simple and fun process. Leia was involved in the brimming the rameskins with sugar and butter. I caught her licking the sugar so I had to shoo her off. Gotta prepare the chocolate mixture at the stove. As I poured the ready mixture into the rameskin, I hoped for a rise in the air fryer.

Didn’t get to take photos so pictures sourced from a blogger, eating out loud.


Out from the air fryer, I spotted a gorgeous rise! However like eating out loud, my souffle deflated before I could even snap a pic.


I dust the chocolate souffle with icing sugar before serving to my dearest hubby and daughter. It was our first time having souffle and they seemed to enjoy the dessert not knowing whats the original taste. The recipe I followed was Beth’s Foolproof Chocolate Souffle.

Shall try another recipe next time. Never-say-die attitude!

Chinese Tea with Friend

In recent weeks, I was aqquainted with new friends who love chinese tea. Last week I went Tian Fu Tea Room, Park Royal Hotel for tea session with good friend, Mr S.


He ordered 大红袍 “Da Hong Pao” for us. The tranquill ambience brings peace to our souls. While sipping the gift of nature, I was immersed in the moment of appreciating the exquisite beauty of oriental carved works  & culture.

A new found love.

Baby Chef: Spagetti

Last Sunday afternoon it was time to prepare dinner and Leia made a request. She didn’t want to play her toys or watch tv, she wanted to join me in the kitchen. I agreed. One of the ingredients for I used for spagetti was, brown button mushroom.

Leia helped me remove the stems from the brown button mushroom. Here‘s the clip. After removal of stems, I gave my 5yr-old a butter knife to cut the mushrooms into parts before grinding into smaller bits.
Seeing some mess, Leia used a cloth to clean up the table then she went on to wash the cutting board as I cooked the spagetti sauce.


A mother-daughter scene I have always wanted.

Ampiang Niang Tou Fu with Parents

Friday I took my parents to East Coast Road for Ampang Niang Tou Fu. Unlike other niang toufu with variety of ingredients to choose, Ampang Niang Toufu has very limited, down-to-earth menu.


The plain-looking broth was unconvincingly tasty and makes one craves for more. My parents and I didn’t expect our lunch to be so rewarding. However.. the only available beverage, Sour Plum Drink reminds me of the cough syrup I used to dread as a kid.

All in all, a place where you want simple, healthy and delicious food.

Ampang Niang Tou Fu 
225 E Coast Rd,
Singapore 428922

Tel: 6345 3289

Hours : 11am – 8:30pm