Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at St Regis – Bret’s Pre Bday Lunch 2015

Following day after my birthday celebration, I brought Bret to Yan Ting at St Regis for his pre-birthday lunch. Made a reservation for Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at the posh restaurant.

Picture source from Miss Tiam Chiak


At the beginning, Bret wasn’t pleased when he saw the pricing on the menu. Even though lunch was on me, the frugal hubby gave me a long, stern stare…Being his soul mate for more than a decade, I knew I shouldn’t go head on. I could only rely on the one and only strategy which is to let the dishes explains my choice. Not that I have been to the restaurant but I read good reviews.

First up, Abalone Soup with Chicken. One sip and Leia kept asking for more. Her eyes sparkled and she said excitedly, “I love this soup!”I could see that Bret was impressed witht the soup too. He looked usually pleased.


Above picture was taken by Meliacy and more food pictures at her blog. Wasn’t able to take much pictures as Bret was wearing a black face and he never quite like pictures before food.

Thankfully all the dishes were of high quality and marvellously prepared. Didn’t take long for his grumpiness faded. For me, I love the steamed soon hock and stir-fry scallops most.

With a heavy tummy filled with premium stuffs, Bret leaned his back comfortably on the luxurious arm chairs before … letting out a shy grin. His expression was expected. I knew he would be satisfied and he finally understood agreeing on the price. His mood was good and time for a family picture.


Our second visit as a family to St Regis. Previous was wedding anniversary staycation. Leia and I enjoyed every moment spent in the luxury hotel.

When we can no longer stomach anymore delicacy, it was time to say goodbye to the restaurant. A little reluctant yet to my surprise, Bret said “We can go back again next time.”

Missing the food, ambience and service.

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