31st Birthday Celebration 2015

On14th March 2015, I turned 31st. Bret was constantly reminding me in a cheeky way that we are of the same age for the next 3 days. We started our day with collagen steamboat at Beauty in a Pot by Paradise Group at One KM Mall.

Most Singaporeans especially me and my friends love hot pot. Bret and I ordered the Collagen and Mala soup base. Collagen soup base tasted good as for Mala, Hai Di Lao’s the best. However at Beauty in a Pot, we get to experience excellent service and new dishes.

Fish Tofu (Beancurd) ! Easily I formed a Pisces symbol, my horoscope sign.


Another speciality which is a Must-Try is Ebiko Prawn Paste. Check out the review here.

After our heavy lunch, we were home to our little girl. Leia chose a box of chocolates for me and Bret bought me iPad Air 2! Hubby knew I have been thinking of upgrading my work gear to a lighter weight and he fulfiled my wish. Leia’s gift was just as sweet as her.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.03.40 pm

Evening approached, Bret drove us and my birthday cake to parent’s place for a cozy, family celebration.

In 2007, a client told me, “Girl, always remember to celebrate your birthday with your parents & thank them for bringing you to this world.” Birthday is a day to remember 妈妈那一天的伟大和爸爸无限的爱。

Thank you God for my family and everyone in my life.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.10.22 pm

Once the cake was unveiled, Leia’s fingers were fast and she licked the chocolate of her finger. Wordings smudged but celebration goes on. Sang the cake, made a wish and cake time.

Prior to my birthday, Bret had asked which flavours do I not want, my reply was chocolate. My mum loves the cake with fluffy light cream and fresh strawberries. Strawberry Shortcake from Rive Gauche is my favourite and the man only knew it that night. Good choice, hubby 🙂

Before the clock strike twelve midnight, three of us watched “Cinderella” at Kallang Leisure. Ending my birthday with magic. We enjoyed the show very much.

Have Courage and Be Kind ~ Cinderella

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