First Experience at Strip

Not new to brazilian wax but the last I did was more than 5 years ago. One of the therapist told me to take panadol 30mins before the session to minimise the level of pain. That helped! I also remember the pain varies with the skills of therapist. So … I decided to book a virgin experience at the very popular, wax salon in Singapore, Strip.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at PM 10.43.21

Best friend B told me about the chocolate wax. It was cool to “meet” the chocolate in person. Supposedly less pain and moisturing to skin.

STRIP's Chocolate Wax 2

Yummy… Imagine me telling Bret about chocolate brazilian wax..

Anyway back to the waxing, the experienced therapist was friendly and filled me with good information I need to know about wax. Chatting helped lessened the anxiety and she was both professional and skilled. Still, waxing at the sensitve area where skin is thinnest brings inevitable painful sensation. After peeling of the hardened wax at these delicate area, she would use ice pad to press on to bring down the pain. Thankful.

The therapist mentioned that long-term waxing may cause the lips of vaginal to sag. Wooo.. that really turns one off. She suggested a solution; brazillian ipl where pain is minimal and cheaper in the long run. Sure is tempting, I would put that idea into consideration.

About 15 minutes later, I was done with the “mind-blowing” session. I felt really smooth and clean. I was advised not to shower with hot water, no exercise and scrub the area after a week to prevent in-growns and pimples.

All in all, the experience at Strip was refreshing and I was happy with my choice.

Visit this entry by Beauty n the Bikes for detailed review.

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