Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Towards the end of Chinese New Year, the news reported Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s critical condition. Singapore prayed for him but… it was time.

One morning, I was in bed reaching out to my mobile phone reading twitter and saw the update, Singapore’s First Prime Minister Mr Lee has left us. He was relieved of pain and I prayed that he reunites with his wife whom he missed dearly.

On my facebook, everyone thread about Mr Lee Kuan Yew. This allowed everyone to learn about his enormous hard work, relentless contribution which led to maginificient achievements and impact to our country and the world.

The love story of Mr & Mrs Lee touches our hearts. They make the role model for married couples and parents.

Still, our daily routine resumed. In the evening, Bret and I picked up Leia. The teachers in school had talked about Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Our girl knew the great man as our founding father and he had passed away in the hospital.

Back home in the living room, the television featured documentary of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Leia recognised him and asked, “Is that Mr Lee Kuan Yew?”

I began to tell her, “Because of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, we have schools where you learn to read and write, comfortable house with air con and most importantly, clean water to drink.”

In the simplest words, I hope she understands.

A man with outstanding wisdom and extraordinary foresight, Mr Lee was the architect for modern Singapore. He has built a first-class nation within three decades and it is my great honour to experience his legacy. His lifelong mission is to create a successful Singapore and to secure her future.

As a Singaporean, being grateful was not enough. I know that in my everyday life now I need to transmit his values. Learn as much and work hard to contribute & live his legacy.

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at St Regis – Bret’s Pre Bday Lunch 2015

Following day after my birthday celebration, I brought Bret to Yan Ting at St Regis for his pre-birthday lunch. Made a reservation for Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at the posh restaurant.

Picture source from Miss Tiam Chiak


At the beginning, Bret wasn’t pleased when he saw the pricing on the menu. Even though lunch was on me, the frugal hubby gave me a long, stern stare…Being his soul mate for more than a decade, I knew I shouldn’t go head on. I could only rely on the one and only strategy which is to let the dishes explains my choice. Not that I have been to the restaurant but I read good reviews.

First up, Abalone Soup with Chicken. One sip and Leia kept asking for more. Her eyes sparkled and she said excitedly, “I love this soup!”I could see that Bret was impressed witht the soup too. He looked usually pleased.


Above picture was taken by Meliacy and more food pictures at her blog. Wasn’t able to take much pictures as Bret was wearing a black face and he never quite like pictures before food.

Thankfully all the dishes were of high quality and marvellously prepared. Didn’t take long for his grumpiness faded. For me, I love the steamed soon hock and stir-fry scallops most.

With a heavy tummy filled with premium stuffs, Bret leaned his back comfortably on the luxurious arm chairs before … letting out a shy grin. His expression was expected. I knew he would be satisfied and he finally understood agreeing on the price. His mood was good and time for a family picture.


Our second visit as a family to St Regis. Previous was wedding anniversary staycation. Leia and I enjoyed every moment spent in the luxury hotel.

When we can no longer stomach anymore delicacy, it was time to say goodbye to the restaurant. A little reluctant yet to my surprise, Bret said “We can go back again next time.”

Missing the food, ambience and service.

31st Birthday Celebration 2015

On14th March 2015, I turned 31st. Bret was constantly reminding me in a cheeky way that we are of the same age for the next 3 days. We started our day with collagen steamboat at Beauty in a Pot by Paradise Group at One KM Mall.

Most Singaporeans especially me and my friends love hot pot. Bret and I ordered the Collagen and Mala soup base. Collagen soup base tasted good as for Mala, Hai Di Lao’s the best. However at Beauty in a Pot, we get to experience excellent service and new dishes.

Fish Tofu (Beancurd) ! Easily I formed a Pisces symbol, my horoscope sign.


Another speciality which is a Must-Try is Ebiko Prawn Paste. Check out the review here.

After our heavy lunch, we were home to our little girl. Leia chose a box of chocolates for me and Bret bought me iPad Air 2! Hubby knew I have been thinking of upgrading my work gear to a lighter weight and he fulfiled my wish. Leia’s gift was just as sweet as her.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.03.40 pm

Evening approached, Bret drove us and my birthday cake to parent’s place for a cozy, family celebration.

In 2007, a client told me, “Girl, always remember to celebrate your birthday with your parents & thank them for bringing you to this world.” Birthday is a day to remember 妈妈那一天的伟大和爸爸无限的爱。

Thank you God for my family and everyone in my life.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.10.22 pm

Once the cake was unveiled, Leia’s fingers were fast and she licked the chocolate of her finger. Wordings smudged but celebration goes on. Sang the cake, made a wish and cake time.

Prior to my birthday, Bret had asked which flavours do I not want, my reply was chocolate. My mum loves the cake with fluffy light cream and fresh strawberries. Strawberry Shortcake from Rive Gauche is my favourite and the man only knew it that night. Good choice, hubby 🙂

Before the clock strike twelve midnight, three of us watched “Cinderella” at Kallang Leisure. Ending my birthday with magic. We enjoyed the show very much.

Have Courage and Be Kind ~ Cinderella

First Experience at Strip

Not new to brazilian wax but the last I did was more than 5 years ago. One of the therapist told me to take panadol 30mins before the session to minimise the level of pain. That helped! I also remember the pain varies with the skills of therapist. So … I decided to book a virgin experience at the very popular, wax salon in Singapore, Strip.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at PM 10.43.21

Best friend B told me about the chocolate wax. It was cool to “meet” the chocolate in person. Supposedly less pain and moisturing to skin.

STRIP's Chocolate Wax 2

Yummy… Imagine me telling Bret about chocolate brazilian wax..

Anyway back to the waxing, the experienced therapist was friendly and filled me with good information I need to know about wax. Chatting helped lessened the anxiety and she was both professional and skilled. Still, waxing at the sensitve area where skin is thinnest brings inevitable painful sensation. After peeling of the hardened wax at these delicate area, she would use ice pad to press on to bring down the pain. Thankful.

The therapist mentioned that long-term waxing may cause the lips of vaginal to sag. Wooo.. that really turns one off. She suggested a solution; brazillian ipl where pain is minimal and cheaper in the long run. Sure is tempting, I would put that idea into consideration.

About 15 minutes later, I was done with the “mind-blowing” session. I felt really smooth and clean. I was advised not to shower with hot water, no exercise and scrub the area after a week to prevent in-growns and pimples.

All in all, the experience at Strip was refreshing and I was happy with my choice.

Visit this entry by Beauty n the Bikes for detailed review.

Benefit Brow Bar at Sephora

On the day of my company D&D, I did Brazilian Wax at Strip then Hair at Jean Yip followed by Eyebrow Waxing at Sephora. My first time trying Brow Wax at Benefit Brow Bar.  I enjoyed the “brow makeover” experience as well as outcome.

Here is a good review from Urban Doll.

At first sight, I was not used to my super thick eyebrows … although its in line with korean trend…I don’t seem to appreciate the beauty of thick brows maybe yet. So I asked Joanne, the brow specialist to touch up further.

End result: Slightly thicker brows than usual but more natural to my eyes. I believe I looked a little different. imageTook me 1-2 hours to appreciate my new brows. Eyebrow plays a crucial role in keeping us look clean & crisp. Goodbyes to tired & sloppy look.

Something to bring home, the smiley brow specialist introduced, Benefit Brow Zings.imageJoanne used this on my eyebrow. Comes with two handmade brushes & tweezer! Good idea to have the tweezer. It is easy to use too!

It is a Must to make appointment. You can do so by calling the store. However for Tampines One, I actually walked into Sephora to schedule my appointment as I couldn’t reach the specialist. There is only one brow specialist and she is always working on someone’s brows. So remember to call and be on time 🙂

Shu Umera Skin Purifier

For the past few months, I have been using Shu Umera Skin Purifier for my cleansing routine. When I was in my early twenties, I used this as a make up remover but over the counter, I have been advised to use this as my skincare cleanser.


(Photo source: Graceful Glow)

So every morning, I would wake up pump some oil and gently massage into my skin receiving a warming yet refreshing sensation. At night, I uses it to remove my make up including mascara for eye area. Leaves skin soft and does not strip my dry skin.

Cleansing made easy.

Changi City Point with HD

Thursday was the last day of Cny. Bret and I spent the night with his best buddy, Hongda. We went Changi City Point for booze & food. The thin crust pizza was surprisingly good.

Bret likes Kronenbourg .. & because of my sore throat, I can only have apple juice. All was good except the live bands experience was a little annoying to ear. Hearing two different live bands singing at the same time… mind torturing, trying to focus. Our night wasn’t quite a chill out. I wonder where is good for live bands these days…

Nevertheless, good friend and beer 🙂