Valentine Day – 2015

Saturday morning Bret was heavily asleep after a night of booze. I was lazing in bed playing games with my hp. Then the door bell rang, Bret suddenly rose to answer the door.  Thinking it could be mil’s maids coming over to deliver something, I continued my game. Bret returned to bed.

At the living room, I found a bouquet of red roses lying on the table greeting me happy valentine. I see…. no wonder he woke up to answer the door.


That pair of cheeky eyes… he makes it a point to buy me roses every year on this day.

They say everyday is valentine. I get that feeling everytime you kiss my cheek in the morning before you leave work. They say roses on valentine are ripped off. Yet year after year, you continue to surprise me with roses on this special occassion. Thank you hubby for cherishing and loving me.”

So.. what did we do on vday?

I have lost count of the vday celebrations we had since 1998. Our 17th valentine’s day together…  we have celebrated the occassion in every possible ways. This year, we were both feeling lethargic. After picking up Leia, we had japanese food for lunch at nearby mall. Returned home, we played with Leia followed by a good long nap till dinner time.

Bret asked the every evening question, “My dear, what should we have for dinner?”

I was craving for risotto and recalled Peony’s reccomendation. We arrived Bruno’s Bistrot at Telok Kurau Court. The menu reminds me of fine dining. Considering its location, prices are on the higher side.

Here is my seafood risotto.


I love the well-cooked grains but I was looking for the taste I had at Santorini. Should have sticked to mushroom risotto. Bret had tomato-based spagetti with scallops.


Sauce was a bit too strong for hubby. Bret missed the fresh tomato base at Santorini too. Personally I am fine with the sauce, it is a defined taste. Our little girl had a small portion of spagetti and …

Pizza with ham & mushrooms


A big pizza on our table. Leia busy helping herself. Bret reminded me it is our first Valentine dine out with our girl. Having her by our side brings us smiles. I am all good for a romantic date with hubby & daughter.

Overall, I do enjoy the ambience and warm service of the italian bistro. So this year, we explored a new cozy restaurant which I am quite happy about.

I am not a cafe hopper but count me in for cozy bistro.

Last but not least, thank God for his blessings and love.

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