Friday night with Friends

For weeks I have been occupied with the stress of passing the most challenging exam of my life. And I finally passed & received certification on Friday morning. Bret was happiest and called for a celebration.

He had D&D at rws so I went cny shopping at Vivo. After two hours, he picked me up and we went liang seah street for quick dinner fix at Sankai Japanese Restaurant.


Price is attractive, sushi was alright but shishamo can be crispier. What I like most …was the traditional settings. Halfway through my dinner, I bumped into my secondary sch friend Huiting whom I insisted must join Bret and me for drinks in the later night.

Finished dinner, hubby and I went over to White Bar to meet his friends. The guys had games of pool while I chat with gf.


Bret drank some beer and by midnight, he was sleepy asking to go home. However my friend Huiting just arrived so he hanged in there till 4am. I had a heart to heart talk with my gal. On the way home, Bret told me he prefers to drink at home. No more drinking at pubs.

Cny is round the corner and I will be seeing his friends and gfs soon.

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