CNY 初四 2015

We had Cny lunch at Aunt Roslyn’s place. An hour later, Bret and I went for grocery shopping at nearby supermarket. We have our family friends over for steamboat dinner. Leia was happiest to know her dear friends were coming.


Dinner first before play.


All three bubbly kids finished the rice in their bowls before entering the playroom. They had pretend-play and drew pictures on the drawing papers.

As usual, Bret and I get to chill out at the balcony with our friends. Some wine and beer while the children entertained themselves in the playroom with Glenn’s new helper.

CNY 初三 2015

Third day Leia and I wore Glitter Glam Mother and Daughter dress. I was not really comfortable with the price but Bret thinks we should just go for it so… dresses on the man.


Evening was another wonderful family gathering at Uncle Richard’s place. His house is always inspiring, we saw new modern, cozy corners. My uncle and his family prepared bbq food for us and he had personally made a chinese delicacy soup too!

On this special night, I learnt about the history of our great ancestors and miracles of God.”

Bret sitting next to me just asked, “why do you blog?” S: “Next time my descendants can read about their ancestors.” 🙂

A short video of our night.

Cny 初二 2015

Routine for day 2 Part 1 was visiting his friend place. Leia and Jianda’s youngest daughter were bff of the day. And Jacky’s baby is a treasure everyone wants to hug.

Part 2 At 6pm we arrived at my uncle’s new place. The moment Leia got off the car, she joined her little gang to play games and hang out together. My uncle and cousins gave us a house tour followed by warm hospitality. Lou hei, steamboat and poker.

Family picture for the Year of Goat.

Bret and I had to leave earlier as his friends were coming over to our place for poker. Part 3 His secondary school friends & gf reached our place at 11pm. Poker went on till 6am….

Cny poker night checked.

CNY 初一 2015

We woke up later than planned. Leia was last to wake up. I can still remember 2 years ago, my little girl stubbornly refused to wear the chinese costume I bought her. She was wailing at the top of her voice in the morning of CNY and I almost fainted thinking if she will do this to me every year. Thankfully, it was just a phase …

Here is her 2015 CNY dress waiting for her in bed and my favourite piece so far.


On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, we visited 6 places. Sure is tiring, but the fun and kinship gave us the boost to dash for longer distance and night out. Cousin Daniel and Herman organised a Family Midnight Movie for 29 family members. Blessed.

Cny is a yearly routine for dressing up, steamboat, big family gatherings, exchanging red packets & mandarin oranges and poker 🙂

Did a short video here.

Reunion Dinner 2015

Wardrobe spring cleaning began in the afternoon. 2 hours later, my legs were breaking and I had two full bags of clothes to give away. More rooms for new clothes!

As usual, we will have steamboat dinner at my mum’s place then his aunt’s place. And after dinner, Bret played a round of mahjiong game with his mum and relatives. This year, as soon as his game ended we rushed home to prepare red packets.


Super last minute because we only remembered about red packets on our way home. Our 5th year preparing red packets, we are getting faster. Mainly because we have a soft copy for red packet list.

Still… it was 2am before lights off.

Long day…

Morning Yoga

Good morning peeps! I received a splendid news and spent my time online shopping. After an hour searching for somethings I have in mind, I pulled out my yoga mat for some stretches and fat burning moment.

Feels great after a workout and I have time to blog now.

Two days away from the festive, I have booked a session with my stylist to do hair spa and I intend to fix my brows at Sephora. Tomorrow Bret and I will do some spring cleaning then… reunion dinner.

Bret is counting down to his CNY Gathering with friends.