Her 1st K1 Excursion – 2015

Morning routine Bret prepares himself, I make milk for Leia and dress her up. By 8.15pm both of them were ready to set off.

Today Leia goes to school in her PE attire because she is going to her 1st K1 excursion at Pasta Mania. She told me she is going to make pizza with her friends.

She was beaming with happiness.


Entering K1, Leia takes on more interest in perfecting her writing skills. On her own she practices maths on ipad. Brings me joy to see her off-youtube.

Last year was all about play. Leia used to pack toys into her school bag but since K1 she actually asked to bring storybooks to school instead of toys. Yesterday morning she chose two chinese storybooks because she wants to read them in the car.

Her chinese teacher had mentioned to me about encouraging Leia to bring her own storybooks so she can read to her. I only did twice last year and then I let Leia decides what she wants to bring even if she wants toys. I suppose Leia enjoys being read by her chinese teacher.

Other than writings & books, my 4 yr old would offer her help with housework. She had figured out on how to hang laundry with hangar. Last sunday I was cooking and seeing dishes in the sink, she asked “Mummy Do you want me to help you wash the dishes?” My heart melt and told her she didn’t have to.

It’s been a wonderful transformation.

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