Tea Party

After two years, we finally put an end to our procrastination of getting outdoor furniture. In fact we added a water feature too.


We got the outdoor set from Natural living and water feature from Tai Kwang Garden. Balcony has become a cozy chill out corner for coffee or tea moment.

Sunday afternoon, Mil gave Leia a cup of strawberries and the little girl decided to snack at the latest set of furniture while the rest of us watched tv in the living room.

Then I asked mil if she wants to join Leia while I make them coffee & milo. Mil was as excited about our new outdoor set. They called that moment, tea party.


The way Leia held her saucer and cup was adult-like and cute to look at.


I went on to serve them pizza and later on bak kwa (barbequed pork)


The weather was cooling, overlooking the pool and greenery landscape. Relaxing sound coming from water feature unleashes a theraputic effect. With all that, I felt that I have found the perfect spot to unwind when family and friends come over.

One cup of milo was not enough, Leia requested for another.


Both mil & Leia enjoyed their afternoon tea time. Nice.

Loving our home.

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