Christmas Gift from Bret – 2014

Gotten Bret a pair of cufflinks with his initial from Robinsons. And he surprised me totally with a gift I would never expect.

We were in the car when I suddenly turned back at pessenger seat to get something. Then I saw a Gucci paper bag. He was shocked that I spotted the gift so soon. He smiled and asked me to unwrap my christmas gift.

Bret got me to guess the gift. He told me he was thinking hard about what I need and went to few boutiques before settling for the item. His clue for me was, he believes I will use it.

All my guesses were incorrect.. and I couldn’t bear to open the nicely wrapped gift.


Eager to see my response, he insisted. So I went ahead.


A shawl in lilac. The touch of the shawl is comfortably soft and delicate. I used it the following day 🙂

Thank you Mr Khoo.

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