Bbq night with Friends

Bret and I invited our neighbour and friends over our place for bbq and get together. Setting fire while trying to get Leia to stay away… thankful to have our neighbour. Ron helped Bret with the fire and Diana helped me to babysit Leia while I prepared the food.


When the first batch of food was ready, Diana and I sat down comfortably in the function room nibbling the bbq wings and otah! Bret and Ron had cans of cold beers while doing the men’s job. Enjoying bbq with our dear neighbour, I like.

I had ordered the bbq necessities, cooked  and bbq food from ezybbq. Our guests gave compliments to the food and I am really thankful mil sent helpers to bbq the food for us.

In the bbq gathering, we have friends from his secondary schools ….


and mine…


Around 10pm, we left bbq for wine at my place. KT & Ivan left… and it was a long catching up with my volleyball girls.


My dear friend Huiting brought along her new beau who is also a volleyball player during secondary school. JD and Huiting makes one of the most perfect couple ever.

At my balcony, four of us had an intimate & cozy chat till 4am at my balcony. Bret and his friends took over the living room. Leia and the three sisters were busy in the playroom till late night.

Celebrating long years of friendship before the new year arrives.

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