Christmas Eve 2014

Bret and I invited my family over for a cozy xmas feast. While heating up the ham, pork kunckle, roast chicken & saussages… we kickstart with chinese noodles & crabs galore – Chilli Crab, Butter Crab & Black Pepper Crab! Yums.

In the 2nd round of our feast, we filled up the table with meat! I was pleased that I ordered xmas feast for my family. Mum brought red wine & Kelvin’s gf bought a log cake from bakerzin.


To add festive mood, I played christmas songs throughout. Not forgetting presents. Love the moment of being with my family on the eve of christmas.


Leia has terrific relationships with her uncles & aunt. They are more like friends always playing together. This christmas they bought her My Little Pony Board Game.


Towards the end of the party, we unwrapped the gifts. I bought laneige lipsticks for the ladies and did a mini make over for my sis.

It was photo time! From left, Bro’s gf, sis & myself.


My mum joined in the phototaking session. She was enthusiatic and had great time watching her children and grandchild gel together on this special occassion. Best of all, she stayed over with dad & sis. Leia request finally came true.

Bret and I had some wine & ham as we entered wee hours of Christmas.

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