Christmas 2014

All three of us woke up really late. Bret and I were lazing around at home. We didn’t want to go anywhere in fact. The drizzling weather outside made home the most comfortable place to be at.

Nevertheless, we already had a plan in mind… that is to bring Leia to Universal Studio for “snowfall” & fireworks.


Having season pass, we only turned up at the theme park around 7.45pm and we see people everywhere. Universal Studio has transformed into a christmas theme park. Leia was amused and busy looking around


Then the hourly snowfall…


Snowing with christmas songs in the background. Magical because I get to experience the special moment with my long time love & precious daughter.

Leia spotted something. We queued up really long for the candyfloss with neon-lit stick… at theme park price.


So long as we can afford, Leia’s smiles all worth it

Picture source from rws blog.

Celebrating our christmas with fireworks šŸ™‚

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