Precious Moment

Today Best Friend B accompanied me to run a work errand. She drove! We spent 2 good hours but still not enough. Instead of rushing back from town, my parents helped us to pick both leia and shevon from Mindchamps. Around 530pm, I rang up my mum and Leia answered the phone. The happy voice said, “Shevon is in our car now.”

At Mcdonald, best friend B and I gotten ourselves sundae ice cream and had a chat about family life. When it was time, she drove us to my mum place. Before Beelian and I pressed the doorbell, we could hear my mum playing with the two little girls. Shevon told her mum that she loves the “leia house” so much.

There was so much fun in the house. Beelian looking blissful as she thanked my mum fetching Shevon & bought donut for her little girl  to eat in the car.

Leia & Shevon were playing catching running around the house and also pretending to be cashier & customers. The girls are exactly 6 months apart but born in different year. B & I watched the little playmates with thankful hearts.

God’s Grace. Thank you lord for blessing us with amazing Best Friends moment.

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