Her 1st K1 Excursion – 2015

Morning routine Bret prepares himself, I make milk for Leia and dress her up. By 8.15pm both of them were ready to set off.

Today Leia goes to school in her PE attire because she is going to her 1st K1 excursion at Pasta Mania. She told me she is going to make pizza with her friends.

She was beaming with happiness.


Entering K1, Leia takes on more interest in perfecting her writing skills. On her own she practices maths on ipad. Brings me joy to see her off-youtube.

Last year was all about play. Leia used to pack toys into her school bag but since K1 she actually asked to bring storybooks to school instead of toys. Yesterday morning she chose two chinese storybooks because she wants to read them in the car.

Her chinese teacher had mentioned to me about encouraging Leia to bring her own storybooks so she can read to her. I only did twice last year and then I let Leia decides what she wants to bring even if she wants toys. I suppose Leia enjoys being read by her chinese teacher.

Other than writings & books, my 4 yr old would offer her help with housework. She had figured out on how to hang laundry with hangar. Last sunday I was cooking and seeing dishes in the sink, she asked “Mummy Do you want me to help you wash the dishes?” My heart melt and told her she didn’t have to.

It’s been a wonderful transformation.

Fishy Business

When it comes to weekday morning, Leia is the last to wake up.  On weekend, Leia is the first to wake up. I suppose she knows there is no school and she would get busy in her playroom before coming to me for breakfast.

Bret and I agreed that outdoor play is important for our girl. And last saturday we went Big Splash, East Coast Park for longkang fishing.


There were not much fishes hence more challenging. Both father & daughter in action.

Now the fishes are home in the tank.  Three of us would check on the fishes from time to time. We changed water and fed them bread. Relax ourselves by watching the fishes swim and nibble their food.

Happiness start from home.

High Frequency Words

Every other day, Leia and I will spend time doing activity or assessment books together.

I found a “High Frequency Words” book for us. Bought from Popular book store, the assessment book comes with flash cards too. Leia and I had fun playing games using the cards. We would take turns to call out a word and see who touch the card first. She was also very keen in using the ruler to match the words.


Brimming with satisfaction because I didn’t help her.


A red pen on the table so I can mark the page and draw stars for her work well done. Watching her progress can be a moment to hone my creativity & patience.

In many ways, Leia is my teacher.


One afternoon Leia took a piece of paper and her stationery to the balcony. I thought she was doodling until she told me she was practising writing her chinese name.


We had always wondered about teaching her to write her chinese name as there are many strokes in her chinese name. And then, our 4 year old did it.

Credit to her mandarin teacher in school.


Before 2015 arrived, I did a health screening and discovered a cyst. Last Monday, I had my first ever day laparoscopy also known as keyhole surgery at Gleneagles Hospital with Dr Peter Chew. He is a great and assuring doctor. Bret and I feel safe with him.

After the surgery, I was surprised that I did not experience any physical pain. But I do know my internal organs are in the process of healing so … I am trying my best to adopt a bland diet and avoid strenuous movements.

During this recovery period, I am thankful to have received lots of love and care from Bret, family and friends. Today is Day 14 Post-Surgery and I am doing fine now 🙂

Its sweet when you know that someone is making an effort to make you smile.”

Tea Party

After two years, we finally put an end to our procrastination of getting outdoor furniture. In fact we added a water feature too.


We got the outdoor set from Natural living and water feature from Tai Kwang Garden. Balcony has become a cozy chill out corner for coffee or tea moment.

Sunday afternoon, Mil gave Leia a cup of strawberries and the little girl decided to snack at the latest set of furniture while the rest of us watched tv in the living room.

Then I asked mil if she wants to join Leia while I make them coffee & milo. Mil was as excited about our new outdoor set. They called that moment, tea party.


The way Leia held her saucer and cup was adult-like and cute to look at.


I went on to serve them pizza and later on bak kwa (barbequed pork)


The weather was cooling, overlooking the pool and greenery landscape. Relaxing sound coming from water feature unleashes a theraputic effect. With all that, I felt that I have found the perfect spot to unwind when family and friends come over.

One cup of milo was not enough, Leia requested for another.


Both mil & Leia enjoyed their afternoon tea time. Nice.

Loving our home.

Christmas Gift from Bret – 2014

Gotten Bret a pair of cufflinks with his initial from Robinsons. And he surprised me totally with a gift I would never expect.

We were in the car when I suddenly turned back at pessenger seat to get something. Then I saw a Gucci paper bag. He was shocked that I spotted the gift so soon. He smiled and asked me to unwrap my christmas gift.

Bret got me to guess the gift. He told me he was thinking hard about what I need and went to few boutiques before settling for the item. His clue for me was, he believes I will use it.

All my guesses were incorrect.. and I couldn’t bear to open the nicely wrapped gift.


Eager to see my response, he insisted. So I went ahead.


A shawl in lilac. The touch of the shawl is comfortably soft and delicate. I used it the following day 🙂

Thank you Mr Khoo.