Xmas Party for Kids 2014

Our 1st Christmas party was held at my place. Mainly for the children to gather and have fun.

The last minute potluck turned out to be very successful. Before my guest arrive, I only had cookies & log cake .


After they turned up, the table was filled with xmas feast.


Best friend B brought roast chicken, ham & strawberries. Glenn and his wife showed up with pork ribs, pork knuckle, tomatoes & pizzas. Agnes bought buffalo wings & meat balls. Amazing spread.

Leia was really looking forward to play with her friends.


Year after year, my friends and I watch our children playing and growing up together.


This year, we have two new additions. Baby Caleb & Baby Lucien. Both good-looking boys.

For the children, there were many things to be happy about. Being around each other, surrounded by toys in the playroom, laughing & giggling among themselves and presents!

Instead of drawing lots, Agnes suggested a race for presents.


Children loves running and they see it as a game. Leia gotten her xmas wish list, monopoly junior 🙂

It was a brilliant start for our christmas.

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