Small Small World

Without any persuasion, Leia has been sleeping on her mattress. I named the area “small small world” to let her know the mattress belongs to her and no adults should sleep on it. Having the exclusive right to her small small world made her feel belonged. Leia loves surprises and I bought her Princess Sofia bedsheet for her mattress, pillow and blanket. She was in awe seeing all pink with disney prints. Leia thanked me with a big hug.

ts been weeks and she said, “Mummy, I am not afraid to sleep in small small world on my own anymore.”

Everynight before she sleeps, I would read two books to her and then Bret pats her to sleep. Many times I do miss Leia sleeping next to me where I can just inch forward and hug my little sleeping beauty.

Well, helping her to grow independent grows me too.

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