Ice Skate at Velocity

After Sat lunch, Bret took the wheels to Velocity Novena for an ice skate session. Last week we had japanese food at the mall & that entitles us to book a 30min ice skate session for kids.

The minimum spending is $50. With the receipt, we redeemed the session at customer service counter. A card with allocated number was given to book the session through Velocity Novena App.

The day arrived we reached the atrium. Leia was so ready & excited.


Geared up with protection wear…


Queuing up while waiting for the time.


Leia was the smaller kid. Every session is kept at 20 children max. My little girl had a penguin to guide her in the rink.


My mil, bret and myself were busy taking pictures of her. So were other parents.


For 30mins, christmas songs were played as Leia skates with the penguin.


We heard Leia, “It is the Best Day Ever!”


When the session ended, the children had their gears removed. Sociable Leia seemed to have made a new friend.


Watching Leia skate happily with penguin brings us joy from within. We are thankful for the event.

Velocity Novena Mall

Event ends 23rd Dec 2015

Figure Ice-Skating Performance
12.30pm & 6pm (closed on monday)
Ice-Skating for kids
For 1.4m & below, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm (closed on monday)
For 1.4m & above, 7pm

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