Big Hero 6

Since Friday, Bret has been talking about watching Big Heroes 6. Leia wasn’t as interested, so was I. On Saturday, he told me his colleagues had positive reviews about the movie. He won Leia over. Popcorn is the best app for movie times. We found a suitable time and booked the tickets.

In the car…

Bret: “Big Hero 6… it’s the 6th sequel? How come we have not heard of the previous 1 and 2…?”

Serena: “It is not a sequel. There are 6 heroes…” 

Big Heroes 6 is an action-packed comedy bringing the awesome combination of Marvel and Disney.


I had no idea whats the show about. Went in with an open mind and I gained new perspectives about robots & heroes. A must-watch move!

We love bringing Leia to the cinema. Her first movie was Ice Age 4, blogged an entry with 21 months old Leia here. Now I can no longer recount the number of movies we have watched together. Its one of our family activities.

The little girl sits on the booster. Whenever the evil character apppears, she would hold her daddy’s arm tightly. Bret becomes her hero assuring her. Other times, she would surprise me with sweet gesture like feeding me nacho chips or popcorns.

Love you Leia.

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