Girls & Disney Nail Polish

Recently, B has gotten a car and I experience whats like to be a driving instructor – mainly on parking. Quite a breeze for B to drive on the road. Something new to our friendship, she is in the driver seat while I sit on the passenger seat… I have never imagined this day would come. The feeling is a mixture of weird and nice.

Yesterday was a great achievement for her to try driving to expressway, parking at shopping malls and driving her children & mum for the first time. Hours later, we were both mentally exhausted.”

Last stop, I took the wheels and we picked up our little girls from school. In their black shoes, they just returned from concert rehearsal. Teachers styled their hair and I casually asked if they want to paint their nails. Their response was excited firm “yes” from both girls.

Here we go…


About two months ago, I bought the disney waterbased nail polish from takashimaya toy department. The nail colour is easily removed by rubbing and peeling off from nail. We only let Leia paints her nail on weekend.


Shevon likes yellow glittering nail polish and Leia likes pink shimmer.


We asked if they would like to have their toe nails painted by mummy, another “yes”.


They get to watch Disney Junior while B & I paint their nails. One of things, Best Friend B & I do 🙂

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