Dine with Hubby

For as long as I know Bret, we have been spending great amount of time together. Entering marriage, we have dinners together almost every evening after work. Sometimes I cook and he wash the dishes while I keep the dining table clean. Because both of us work, we find it easier to dine out.

Last night we had dinner at Boon Tong Kee, Katong. The dishes were so good that Bret and I just kept eating. Our mouths so busy we were not talking to each other. Yet deep down, happy food happy us. After a hearty dinner, we wanted to pick up Leia from my mum’s place but she asked to stayover at her grandparents’ place. So… hubby and I went for ktv session to chill. Once in a while, we would go for KTV to sing our hearts out.

Be it home or out, we are comfortable around each other. We can be weird or lazy together, make fun of each other and laughing it off like best friends.”

Thankful to have much quality time with him.

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