Look who’s talking: Sleeping

Many asian parents sleeps with their children in the same room. For myself, I used to sleep on the mattress next to my parents’ bed till elementary school. Same for Bret. Brought up that way, naturally we let Leia sleep with us on the same bed.

When she was 3 years old, I let Leia sleep in her own room. Created a girly, cozy atmosphere to sleep in and she slept on her own till morning. At that time, I didn’t expect my plan to go smoothly.  By the third day, Bret decided to have her back with us in the same room. His reason was…when she grows up, she will not sleep with us on the same bed anymore.

Having to wake up seeing my little girl the moment I open my eyes brings the simplest form of happiness. However, children tends to move alot when they sleep. I could hardly sleep through the night when I can feel movements every other hour. So I told Bret its time to let Leia sleep on the mattress.

Once, we tried and in the middle of the night she climbed over the sleeping dad who was waken up by shock. She prefers our bed. Last night, Bret made another attempt to persuade her to sleep on the mattress.

Daddy B: “Can you sleep on the mattress?”

Leia: “No. I sleep with mummy. Papa you sleep on the mattress.”

Daddy B: You’ve grown up. A big girl now. Its time for you to sleep alone on the mattress.”

Our little girl looking at her daddy paused for a minute then suddenly she let out a cheeky smile..

Leia: “You’re a grown up.” 

Bret and I were astounded by her reply. Logic and words.

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