Shu Umera Black Flare Eyelash

Have been renewing my eyelash extension package year after year. What I don’t like about doing my lashes is that I have to lie on the bed for at least an hour. I can’t sleep and I can’t do anything but wait. For the sake of beauty, I just have to hang in there. The lashes usually last about two weeks and I try to keep my lashes from water. Swimming is out.

The lashes comes in different varieties & I opt for the natural brown lashes. Received tonnes of compliments. This month I was not in the mood to return to the salon but… I needed a quick fix on my lashes. An idea struck me, Shu Umera Black Flare Eyelashes.


Together with the adhesive glue, I gotten the effects of natural eyelash extension. Took me less than 5 minutes. After eyeliner, I used an eyebrow picker to attached the some lashes on my eyelid. Very natural, I like.

Introduced by my beautiful vbff, Caiyan. She’s one of the most amazing girl known for quality advice on almost anything. Yes, anything from relationship, work, food, beauty, health & etc. How not to love her 🙂

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