Downtown East with Leia

Saturday is a day for outdoor.

We went Downtown East as the main agenda was to have his car washed and waxed at Nick & Vin. Recommended by my friend Edward, we have found the best & trusted car wash in the east.

Lunch at Swensons. Leia and I shared the good-old Chicken Baked Rice.


Bret wanted to watch movie but Leia wasn’t keen in the idea even when we tempt her with popcorns. So we went Explorer kid.


The lit ball pit is simply inviting.


Leia having fun at the pit all by herself. The light comes from the floor underneath balls.


A little rock climbing to stretch herself.


Although it was a saturday, there were not many children. At the spacious indoor playground, Leia explored different areas and after an hour, she was distinctively satisfied.

Went home for naps. Made homecooked macaroni with shredded chicken soup for a rainy dinner. Played puzzles, colouring, read books before lights off.

Family. Where life begins and love never ends. “

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