Leia at N2B – November 2014

Yesterday we woke up early for Parents-Teacher Meeting at Mindchamps. Leia joined her friends in the gym listening to stories and playing while parents meet the respective teachers. Through the session, we get to know about the areas we need to work on at home.. one of them, more mandarin.

Like previous meetings, we received soft copies of Leia’s pictures. Leia loves music appreciation class where she gets to know different types of music instruments.


During National Day Celebration in school, she learnt about taking pledge and national songs.


Baking was something we have done before at home.


During school holidays, Mindchamps continue to operate. Instead of afternoon enrichment programes the teachers pitch tents & introduced games to the little ones.


Looks really fun to me.


One of my favourite picture is this one where she was seated with her best friends in class.


Teacher L told me she had to seperate the three of them during meal time because they kept talking to each other. Even so, they continued with eye contacts while eating.”

In total, there were close to 200 pictures taken by the teachers. Cannot thank them enough as the pictures are great memories for Leia to look at when she grows up in time.

By the way, I just got to know not all the Mindchamps centres take pictures of the children in class. Do check with the staffs of specific centre in case you are thinking of enrolling your precious one with Mindchamps from other branches.

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