Slimming at Home: Tripollar Stop & Pose

My latest beauty gadget, Tripollar Stop (Face) & Tripollar Pose (Body). Ever since I did the radio frequency facial session, I was motivated to get a home device using the same technology. Took me 6 months to decide on this gadget made from Israel.

Months after months, I was looking at bloggers and youtube reviews. With slowing metabolism and coming feasts, something has to be done. Finally, I got myself the bundle set from Clariancy. Decision was further affirmed after the retail assistant tried the gadget on my best friend and me. Her pregnancy stretchmarks lightened immediately. The heat on my skin is acceptable and very easy to use.


Have been using the two gadgets every alternate days at home. With a radio frequency device, I can do it anytime at the comfort of my home. Also, saves me from the hardselling moments at beauty salons. If I have to mention something I don’t like about the device, it would be that the cable tends to slip off as I glide the device around my body. Bigger surface area leads to tiring hands too. But no pain, no gain.

After each session, skin is incredibly smoother and firmer after each usage. Also, my skin no longer feel as dry. I was totally won over when I tried it on Bret’s chubby chin. The gadget ironed out his chin within a minute or two. Visibly, one side of his face was slimmer. For me, it didn’t seemed as effective until the following day.

Source: Tripollar from Clariancy

STOP uses TriPollar Radio Frequency technology to gently heat the skin from inside. A warm, relaxing sensation is felt over the skin surface while the anti-ageing, therapeutic action is taking place in the deeper layers of the skin. This heat induces an increase in dermal activity resulting in the stimulation of collagen production and thickening of the dermis (the skin’s foundation) leading to visible skin tightening, firming and renewal.”

As his hand brushed against my “new” skin, I could feel a smooth tingling sensation.

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