Thoughts in November

Before Leia was out of her classroom, I was seated at the waiting area looking at the cubby holes for the shoes. The cubby holes were categorised according to classes. And I saw Leia’s shoes just next to Kindergarten 1. Next year she will be promoted to K1 and soon, she will have to leave Mindchamps for Primary School.

At that moment, I felt a little sad as we will miss the vibrant centre and wonderful teachers. The curriculum provides an all-rounded learning opportunity through play and social activities. While waiting for my little girl, her classmate who went to the restroom recognised me as Leia’s mummy. Wearing a smile on his face, the 4 yr old said “Leia is still reading with teacher, please wait a while.”

Academic aside, I like that Leia is growing up in an environment where children are polite and well-mannered. There were times when we took the same lift with elderly, Leia would greet “Uncle” or “Auntie”. For everything good in her, I have to give some credit to her friends and teachers in school.

At times, Leia still cries in the morning about tiredness and not going to school. However on the same day when I picked her up punctually at 5pm, she would whine that I was too early as she still wants to play with her friends. I could see that her friends didn’t want her to leave the classroom yet. This evening she told her dad repeatedly…

Leia grumbled: Papa, next time don’t pick me up so early. I still want to play with my friends. We can play games and they don’t want me to go yet.”

As for the children relationships with teachers, several times I saw the little girls giving their teachers great big hugs filled with love. I am really thankful that Leia is growing up happy in school with her friends and teachers. Like My Little Pony, “Friendship is Magic”

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