Adrenaline Rush

Today is Thursday. I am waiting for the clothes in my washer. Gotto hang them on the drying rack before I leave my house for office. November is the end of financial month for my company and I am kinda taking it slow for business now as I have achieved my pre-determined career goal for the year. Somehow, there’s still unusual load of work to do and people to meet.

At the beginning of this week, I breathed new signs of life that gave me adrenaline rush…

  • Found the perfect angels to help me with my work
  • Attempted Homemade Xiao Long Bao
  • Purchased an awesome beauty gadget
  • Helped hubby in his new establishment
  • Opened a new targeted market for my business

What I love most was that… I had my close friends and loved ones with me as we ventured into new ideas. Watching them excited keeps me smiling all the time. Woke up in the morning feeling rejuvenated as I read text messages of positive input for our ideas. When ideas become real and dreams inches away … Suddenly we were fully charged with happiness.

“Hope but never Expect. Look Forward but Never Wait.”

With all my heart, I am thankful to Mighty Lord for his blessings and the angels sent to me. They came in the form of true friends, career mentors, kindest guides, motivators and the wonderful family members who were specially handpicked by him to fill my life with tremendous amount of love 🙂


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