2nd time at Universal Studio

Saturday was our date with Cousin Karen. Having season pass, we took our time to walk around the theme park. In our 2nd visit, we tried new rides.

Our first ride was Spagetti Chase with Elmo. My little girl needs to warm up.. she was pretty scared somehow.


Leia realised there is nothing to be afraid of. Its more like a ride into Sesame Street storyboard. She used to like Elmo for a very short period. So we watched the live show staging Elmo & Sesame Street Friends…


The title was “When I grow up”. For grown ups, Bret almost dozed off while I looked at my smartphone several times.

We saw Merry-Go-Round. queued for a while…


And its our turn!


We will be back for this ride again. Instead of horses, we sat on safari animals. About the serious look on Bret’s face, his concern was safety of his precious girl.

At Far Far Away…


We took the mini roller coaster. Initially Leia was whiny about taking the ride… but we checked her height and decided to try out as I kinda know my daughter will like the ride.

Bret sat with Leia..& his feet turned cold. On the contrary, Leia loves the high speed and thrills. I could hear her screaming with joy.

My dear hubby wanted to get out of the cart quickly but Leia tried to calm him with gentle pats at his chest, “Papa I will hold your hand”.

Leia asked for another ride on roller coaster. Bret said.. “No.. too dangerous”. I do feel so too. Moved on & continued to take other rides too which we had fun with.

Every new ride was an adventure for us. When Leia was on the Ferries Wheel with Cousin Karen, Bret and I took a  selfie.


He used to be a homely person but now, he is willing to drive us to sentosa anytime we want to visit universal studio. Men do change 🙂

Our last ride was “Transformer”. In my view, the bad characters in 4D look extremely intimidating at such close proximity. I told Leia to close her eyes through the ride. Transformer Ride is pretty popular but I am not sure if I want to take the ride again….

Something I really like about universal studio in Singapore, the queues are so much shorter compared to Disneylands in other countries. Cousin Karen told us we will like Gold Coast which I am pretty sure too.

Thank god for the weather. No rain and not as hot under the sun. 3 hours of fun, we perspired with our energy drained out. We need food & bed. Back in the car, Leia entered sleep mode almost immediately.

Next week, we will be returning to the park again.

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