Big Hero 6

Since Friday, Bret has been talking about watching Big Heroes 6. Leia wasn’t as interested, so was I. On Saturday, he told me his colleagues had positive reviews about the movie. He won Leia over. Popcorn is the best app for movie times. We found a suitable time and booked the tickets.

In the car…

Bret: “Big Hero 6… it’s the 6th sequel? How come we have not heard of the previous 1 and 2…?”

Serena: “It is not a sequel. There are 6 heroes…” 

Big Heroes 6 is an action-packed comedy bringing the awesome combination of Marvel and Disney.


I had no idea whats the show about. Went in with an open mind and I gained new perspectives about robots & heroes. A must-watch move!

We love bringing Leia to the cinema. Her first movie was Ice Age 4, blogged an entry with 21 months old Leia here. Now I can no longer recount the number of movies we have watched together. Its one of our family activities.

The little girl sits on the booster. Whenever the evil character apppears, she would hold her daddy’s arm tightly. Bret becomes her hero assuring her. Other times, she would surprise me with sweet gesture like feeding me nacho chips or popcorns.

Love you Leia.

Year End Concert 2014

Friday 28 Nov is a day we had to wake up really early, dressed Leia in costume and send her to school by 730am.


The teachers did a makeover for the children. Last year I was surprised by her new look. And this year, she dressed up in a school girl costume & performed the song, “My home”.


She was enthusiatic on stage. I wondered how she memorised all the dance steps. It was a brilliant performance by Leia & her friends. After 3 hours of show, the little girl was back in daddy’s arms.


My little girl has promoted to kindergarten 1.

Laneige BB Cream

Last week, I bought Laneige BB Cushion, shade 21. Have been eyeing this product for the korean dewy look. The package comes with a refill.


This bb cream has a fragrance to it. Gentle pat on the skin for 6 effects, whitening + sun screen + water resistant + soothing + make up.

User-friendly, I only need to dab the sponge twice for good coverage. Texture is lightweight and good staying power. For continous facial radiance, I touch up once after few hours. It is non-cakey upon touch up.

Here’s a no-filter picture with Laneige BB Cushion.


As the room lighting is poor, the BB cream appeared fairer in picture. My skin is combination to dry.

Mickey Mouse Club Bouncy Castle – 2014

Leia likes Bouncy Castle so we took the train to Changi Airport. Mickey Mouse Club is in the house for this christmas.


At Terminal 3, Leia saw the bouncy Castle. Her eyes brightened with excitement.


There is a minimum spending of $30 in a single receipt for 10mins of Bouncy Castle. After presenting the receipt, a time slot will be given. The kids need to gather at the holding area for briefing.


When the children entered the bouncy castle, parents tried their best to snap a shot. Leia was too fast for my camera.


Many times, she went for the slide and then the ball pit. Well…so long as she enjoyed herself. After 10mins, we picked her up. Leia realised she was tired and sweaty. Some running, jumping and slide before home sweet home.

Being a mother helps me rewind my childhood. Have you played bouncy castle when you were a kid?

Shopping & Movie on Sat

Today is probably one of the most productive shopping saturday for the year. We did lots within 7 hours. Main highlights were … Bret got his iPhone 6, I bought Slow Cooker followed by Grocery Shopping. Excited Leia watched Penguins of Magadascar. I like the show.

By the time Leia returned to the car, she was whining non-stop about her tiredness. Reached home, we changed and cleaned her up in bed before having our dinner.

Picture source from a great food blog: ieatandeat


Long day for us… went home with new loot. Dessert was delicious.

Girls & Disney Nail Polish

Recently, B has gotten a car and I experience whats like to be a driving instructor – mainly on parking. Quite a breeze for B to drive on the road. Something new to our friendship, she is in the driver seat while I sit on the passenger seat… I have never imagined this day would come. The feeling is a mixture of weird and nice.

Yesterday was a great achievement for her to try driving to expressway, parking at shopping malls and driving her children & mum for the first time. Hours later, we were both mentally exhausted.”

Last stop, I took the wheels and we picked up our little girls from school. In their black shoes, they just returned from concert rehearsal. Teachers styled their hair and I casually asked if they want to paint their nails. Their response was excited firm “yes” from both girls.

Here we go…


About two months ago, I bought the disney waterbased nail polish from takashimaya toy department. The nail colour is easily removed by rubbing and peeling off from nail. We only let Leia paints her nail on weekend.


Shevon likes yellow glittering nail polish and Leia likes pink shimmer.


We asked if they would like to have their toe nails painted by mummy, another “yes”.


They get to watch Disney Junior while B & I paint their nails. One of things, Best Friend B & I do 🙂