Housework Day

Wednesday was a public holiday. Made Fried rice and heat up Leftover Hotpot ingredients with Soup for lunch. Leia’s eyes brightened up the moment she had a sip of soup. It was delicious. Feeling homely, Bret and I did housework instead of heading out.

In the kitchen, he did washing while I took out my rainbow vaccum to clean the floor in the living room. The little girl said, “Everyone is doing something. What about me?” I can’t be more glad to know my girl wants to pitch in despite the freewill to play toys or ipad.

So… I gave Leia the handheld vaccum 🙂


The vaccum was just right for Leia. With specific instructions, I did a short demostration. It was not her first time and this time, I saw improvement. Focused in vaccuming the hair and anything on the floor, my cinderella did quite a good job. Like adults, the 4 yr old looked satisfied with her contribution in keeping the house clean.

I reckon children do enjoy housework with their parents.

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