Couple Time on Tues

It was his off day. We woke up playing “Plants vs Zombie 2” on our mobile phone. Followed by shower and getting dressed. Verbally we list down the things to fulfil.

11.30am Lunch
12.00pm Woodlands (He went to do some work while I found some books from the library)
2.30pm Central (Collect Free Samsung Tab)
3.00pm Osim (Get accessory)
3.30pm Grocery Shopping at Cold Storage
5.00pm Pick up Leia from School
6.00pm Hotpot Dinner at Home
9.00pm Cousin Esther and Jayden came over
12.30pm Lights out

For the entire day Bret and I were having a harmonious time travelling from north to central to east. Doing things together and nuturing our relationship with humour & words of appreciation throughout the day.

That night, the happy husband planted more than usual pecks on my cheeks and several surprise hugs from behind 🙂

Pray & Always believe something Wonderful is going to Happen”

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