Day with Best Friend B

Monday was dedicated to Best Friend B. Her post-pregnancy confinement has officially ended and she asked to have itacho for lunch. That made Leia very happy too.


Both of them are libra – The energetic and highly sociable people.

I realised Leia has terrific appetite when it comes to Japanese food. That … reminds me of my dear friend Caiyan.. A beautiful libra who loves Jap food. My girl had Chawanmushi, Udon with Soup, Fish Roe Sushi and 4 Tamago Sushi. Hands down.

After lunch, we went to B’s place. Leia met the handsome baby boy, Lucien Ong.


Love his double eyelids and from the side, we can see his sharp nose. The little boy is as adorable as his sister.  Aunt Serena look forward to watch Lucien grow up with Shevon and Leia. Our latest member for Playdate 🙂

Congrats Best Friend B!

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