Booze Date Night

Monday evening, Leia stayed over at mum’s place. As Bret didn’t have to work the next day, we went for dinner and booze. Instinct tells that it would be perfect if he could unwind himself after a long day of battle at work I initiated Wine Company even though we already had a pint of Erdinger each.

We had my favourite bottle of spanish red…

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.29.46 pm

Daily catch up at home have been a cornerstone of our communication. Yet romantic dine out can be quite stale compared to courtship days. Usually, we would finish our meal and head back home. However that night.. I suspect our long-lost cupid revisited us after several glasses of beer and wine.

The dimly-lit atmosphere with romantic piano tunes playing in the background, we cheers to wine, listened to each others thoughts about work laughed at the funniest moment with Leia and reminisced our epic courtship moment.

One of the most beautiful and important thing in all relationships is having that one person who listens with his/her heart and knows what to say to make you feel better.”

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