Leia visits Legoland Malaysia 2014

Friday morning, we woke up early for Legoland Malaysia. Before we left our place, an auntie said to us, “God Bless!”. Bret drove from Tuas 2nd Link and 15 mins later, we arrived our destination.


There were not many people but because people have been warning us about children-snatcher, we held Leia’s hands and kept her close to us. Repeatedly we reminded our little girl to hold our hands. But when the Playtown appeared in front of her, she was thrilled and lost control.


The playground is big, colourful with plenty of slides and playhouse.


After playground, we took as many rides as we could. Leia tried out different moded of “transports”. First, we have here … a toddler train.


Then we upgrade to another train with turbo speed.. Leia enjoyed this a lot.


Leia gets to drive on her at “Junior Driving School”. A video clip of her driving.

Junior Driving

Done with land transport, Leia rides the air plane with her daddy.


Followed by boat ride.


Three of us were on the boat with Leia in-charge of the steering wheel.


We like this ride. It was fun yet relaxing.


My mum and dad were on a romantic boat ride.


Next, we experienced “Fire Fighters” moment. Something to remember. My parents found the activity interesting too.

fire engine

Enough of transport, Leia tries to fish for a soft toy. She won the medium-sized toys but preferred the smaller soft toy because it has a unicorn.


At the Imagination room, parents and adults build their very own lego race cars.


My little girl made one..

leia caxr

Ready to compete …


Architect moment: Leia stacked the lego bricks and pushed the button to test if her lego buidings can withstand the “earthquake”.


Myself and Leia..

mother and leia

We spent some good time in the imagination room. Followed by lunch…spagetti, pizza… Theme Park food standard.


Finished our food.. Leia called out, “Chima!” A lego character…


We went for 4D Movie Experience with Chima as the leading character.

4d glass

Lego movie starts…

lego movie

Family photo in the theme park.


Time flies… we covered most of the rides and briefly explored Legoland from 11am till 5pm. For safety purpose, the staffs were very particular about age and height. Leia was turned down for two rides which Bret had very much wanted to try. Hence, we did not visit Water Park which is more suitable for 5 yrs old and above.

For great review of Legoland Malaysia, do visit here !

God’s Grace, Weather was not as hot for us and the expected rain lasted for only 30 minutes.

Bandar Medini, Iskandar Malaysia
79250 Nusajaya, Johor,

Service Tel.: +607 597 8888  (Mon – Sun, 8.30am – 5.30pm)
E-Mail: info@LEGOLAND.my

Leia asked Bret: “Daddy, can we go to Legoland for one whole week?”

I am glad that we brought Leia to Legoland. Will visit the theme park again 🙂

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