Red Star Restaurant

This morning, I opened my eyes to Leia’s cheeky smile. Her little hand reached out to me and next thing I know was the most comforting hug from my daughter.

Leia greeted Bret and me “Good morning, I love you Papa & Mama!” Bret looked at the time, “So early! 9.30am!” We slacked  a while in bed before shower. 12pm we were ready for brunch.

Bret craved for dim sum and agreed to try out Red Star Restaurant. Our first time. I googled about the popular restaurant and prempt him that we have to queue for at least 15 minutes.


Indeed, we arrived the restaurant queuing. Finally, it was our turn. Hungry Leia finished our first dish, Fried Yam Paste from the trolley pushed by waitress…It was delicious. Then the roast duck appeared. Love it!


Dining at this restaurant reminds us of hong kong. Service and dim sum-lovers crowd.


The egg tarts looked really beautiful.


But taste wise, Tong Heng’s better. Other than Fried Yam paste & Roast Duck, the rest were pretty average. Still, its worth going to the restaurant at least once… especially if you like authentic dim sum restaurant.

Will we come back again? Maybe with parents.

Red Star Chinese Restaurant
Blk 54 Chin Swee Road #07-23
Tel: +65 6532 5266

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