Dad’s Bday at Hai Di Lao

On Dad’s actual birthday, I brought my siblings and parents to Hai Di Lao for lunch. It was a birthday treat from siblings and me. Dad and mum loves the food and service here. Who doesn’t? My brother Kelvin still prefers our family-fave steamboat at Golden Mile basement for the nostalgic taste.


It was Leia’s first time to Hai Di Lao too. The restaurant provided an apron for her too. At 4 yrs old, eating is her least favourite activity but… no one can say no to good food. She loves the black chicken soup base with hot pot ingredients.


I was surprised that she likes the sour plum drink. For me, I can have countless glasses of Hai Di Lao herbal tea.

Dad told us he enjoyed his birthday lunch very much this year. Hot pot, chilli sauce and family made him very happy.

Evening time, Dad bought sumptuous crab dinner. Last but not least, a cozy birthday cake celebration.

“Family is everything.”

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