Sylvia 1st Bday Party

No Monday blues today, its public holiday & feels so much like Sunday. Weather in Singapore is hazy. We just returned from a family special occassion, Sylvia’s 1st Birthday.

Little sweetie with big charming eyes is growing prettier each day. The hello kitty theme dessert table was lovely.

Aunt Karen and my mum loves the venue, Eat Pray Love Cafe.

The fusion of western & thai food is pretty good. Leia was eager to do arts & craft.

Appreciate Cousin Sharon’s thoughtfulness. Bret and I get to relax with coffee and catching up with Aunt Karen and Cousins. We are counting down to Cousin Daniel’s twins arrival.

Always heartening to gather with mum’s relatives. Aunt Karen shared about her Perth trip; insightful conversation. I do hope my mum & her siblings can travel to Perth too.

The children at party were well-occupied with craft activities.

It was delightful to see Leia doing arts & crafts with my cousins’ children 🙂

All in all, we had another wonderful time with mum’s relatives.

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