Look Who’s Talking: In the Car

We were on the way to Aranda Country Club, drove past White Sands Shopping Centre and I told Leia…

Mummy S: “Leia, Papa and Mama met here for the first time.”

Daddy B: “Yes and your mother was so cute last time. Not like now!”

Mummy S gave Daddy B a piercing stare and he giggled, “Mama still very cute.”

Mummy S pointed at a particular spot, “Ah..Leia this is where Papa and Mama met and then…

Leia interrupted, “I in your stomach!”

Mummy S: “No! Not so fast. About 12 years later.”

Daddy B: “So long?”

Bret was on the road towards red traffic light. He took his hands off the steering wheel.

Leia concerned: “Papa, put your hands on the wheel”

The light turned green ..

Bret: “Ok my dear, my hands on the wheel now.”

Leia asked: “You think the car can move on its own?”

Bret and I laughed.

Leia went on: “Papa, you are driving too fast. You must be careful”

Then little girl suddenly had a change of mind, “Papa, can you catch up with the car in front of us?”

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