Board Game and Rant

My mum bought childhood games for Leia to play. She has been playing “Old Maid”, “Donkey” with my sister and mother. Last thursday, our little girl took “snake & ladders” back home to play with us.


For 4 consecutive nights, we have been playing the board game together. Having a small family of three now, Bret and I are able to devote our energy and time to our one and only precious little one. Now that she has turned 4, it is a breeze for dine outs, family outings and travel.

Earlier on, I googled for air tickets… and looking at the family package raised my eyebrow.. At that point, I recalled how my friends who had more than one kid, lamented about the cost thus, they have no concrete plans to travel with their children. Totally understand. Still, I do want to bring Leia on plane and travel with us. Its something I look forward to.

Ideally, we will travel to few family vacations before another baby comes along. 

For friends who are wondering about when our no. 2 is coming, be patient. We will announce when the day comes 🙂

A friend of mine has been hoping I will have another sibling for Leia so we can discuss parenting for two. Often, she would whine to me about her life a mother of two. While playing a listening ear to her rant, I was suddenly being labelled as too career-minded hence, no younger sibling for Leia. My jaw dropped.

It was shocking … rather than upset that my friend whom I have known for so long would mistook me to as a person who values career over family. We work in different fields and the thing about life is that, things don’t always go our way. Another reason for not being sad over the what she said …was that maybe its because we are not best of friends.

Long time ago when a guy told me I am a career-minded girl, I disagreed so I did a check with my Best Friend B and Bret. I asked them if I am a career-minded person, their reply was straight no. Immediately I heaved a sign of relief…at least the people closest to me knows me. What I do know about myself is that, I like to make things happen. 

Every family has their own planning and things to fulfil, while you may not want others to advise on yours, likewise it is something personal to another family. Some parents say stop at two but there will still be people saying to them two is not enough and etc. Peers and words come in a package. We just have to learn to filter and minimise unnessary conflicts. Life is short, be happy and make this world a better place.

I pray to God for the best arrangement.

P/S: Bret and I only have our younger sibling after 4 or 5 years later.

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